In the fall of 2015, during our first year as a church, I read the book Gaining by Losing by J.D. Greear. In the book, Greear used an analogy that has profoundly impacted our culture at Restoration Church. He talked about two kinds of ships: cruise ships and
Aircraft Carriers. Both ships carry roughly the same amount of people. However, one is outfitted for the wants and needs of its passengers, while the other’s purpose is to prepare its passengers for the mission ahead. The imagery was powerful, and I knew immediately which type of ship we wanted to emulate as a church.

Today, in our seventh year of living on mission, we are weekly seeing more people land on our Aircraft Carrier. However, the goal is not to get comfortable within our church walls but to equip people for our mission outside the walls — every family, neighborhood, workplace, school and business. We desire for Restoration to be a catalyst to help more people learn how to be activated into their full potential in the Kingdom of God and then launch them out as world changers into the incredible mission God has prepared for them. Our mission is to prepare you for your mission.

As we look to expand our Aircraft Carrier, we must keep this mindset our priority. Thank you for investing in a mission that has eternal impact.
Greg Johnson
Lead Pastor