Life Groups

A LIFE GROUP IS A PLACE TO PURSUE AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY AND LEARN TO GROW AS DISCIPLES OF JESUS THROUGH INTENTIONAL INVESTMENT IN EACH OTHER’S LIVES. In Acts 2:42-47, we see teaching and discipleship with believers joining together to grow in their faith and live out the mission Jesus left for them. We meet in homes across our community for fellowship, worship, prayer and Bible study. There are Life Groups for people of every age and stage of life.

Life groups are the best way to know others and be known, learn, grow in your faith and be released into your full potential to change the world in which you live. 

You are welcome to participate in any Life Group and free to visit each one until you find the right fit. See list of Life Groups current meeting below. New Life Groups will start up as leaders and participants emerge.

To attend, host or lead a group, fill out the sign up form at the bottom of the page, or check the "Life Group" box on the Sunday morning Connect Card. You may also contact  Suzette Vichich Life Group coordinator at any time and she will help you to connect with a Life Group.

Childcare is available at the church on Wednesday nights drop off between 6:00-6:30 and pick up between 8:30-9:00PM. The cost is $5 /child with a family maximum of $20.  You will need to reserve your child(s) spot(s) below.





Leader  Host Location  Frequency Time Age Group
Matt and Jennifer Bulpitt  Same Woodforest Weekly 6:00-8:00PM Multi-Generational

Shane Chesser

Same Woodforest Weekly 5:30-7:00PM Multi-Generational


Leader Host Location Frequency Time Age Group
John and Tracy Rizzo  Paul and Cheyenne Alfaro Grand Harbor Weekly 6:30-8:00PM Multi- Generational
PC and Kim Williams Same Highland Ranch Weekly 6:30- 8:00PM Multi-Generational



Leader  Host Location  Frequency Time Age Group
Mark Agnew Dana Hasek Panorama Weekly 6:30- 8:00PM Multi-Generational
Travis Kelley Tom Ellis Ridgelake Shores Weekly 7:00-8:30PM Multi-Generational
Carl & Balie McKenzie  Brian and Tracy Davis Woodforest Weekly  6:30-8:00PM Young Families
Ky and Terri Bishop Grey Bonin

Woodland Oaks

Weekly 6:30- 8:00PM Young Marrieds
Robin and Julie Marler Keith Alexander

FM 2854

Weekly 6:30- 8:00PM Multi-Generational
Zach and Randi Morrow Josh Seelye
Woodland Oaks
Weekly 6:30- 8:00PM Multi-Generational
Jason and Tammy Phillips  Same



Weekly 6:30-8:00PM Young Families
Jack and Debbie Reape Same Crown Oaks Weekly 6:30- 8:00PM Multi-Generational
Caleb Caldwell Daniel and Kenzie Droke Magnolia Weekly 6:30- 8:00PM Multi-Generational
Damon and Kim Collins Restoration Church Montgomery Weekly 6:30-8:00PM Multi-Generational
Gregory and Stacy Johnson Mark and Tiffany Morris Woodforest Weekly 6:30-8:00PM Multi-Generational
Steve and Dee Ann Sweeney Same River Plantation Weekly 6:30-8:00PM Multi-Generational
Bobby and Suzette Vichich Same Woodforest Weekly 6:30-8:00PM Multi-Generational

 Jacob Hebert

Same Keenan Cut off FM 2854 Weekly 6:00- 8:30PM Multi- Generational
Ike and Kim White Same Hills of Westlake, Conroe Weekly 6:30- 8:00PM Multi-Generational
Ted and Johnnie Seago Walt and Liz Bennett Bentwater Weekly 6:30-8:00PM Multi-Generational




Leader Host Location Frequency Time Age Group
Chris Livingston Same Woodforest Weekly 6:00-7:30PM Young Families




Leader  Host Location  Frequency Time Age Group
Casey Toppel and Ann Thomas Casey Toppel Panorama Sundays Weekly


Professional Women



Leader  Host Location  Frequency Time Age Group
Elizabeth Logue and Lauren Kirschblum Lauren Kirshblum Grogan's Mill Fridays Weekly


Single Women 25-39


Whether you are interested in receiving more information, or wish to sign up to join, host or lead a Life Group, please fill out the information below. Someone will contact you within 48 hours.
Life Groups

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