The Restoration Story Team is currently working on videos, written stories and spoken audio stories. We're excited to share them with you because we know that stories matter. We can't wait to see how God uses each story for His glory.

Everyone has stories that contribute to a life story. Your story matters and we want to help you to use it to give God glory and inspire others. Fill out the My Story Form, or contact Leann Francis to tell your story!

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Kaitlyn's Story
12.01.15 | Restoration

Kaitlyn discovered she was pregnant at the age of 18. She could have given up; on herself, her baby and/or her dreams. God had other plans 

Lilly's Story
12.01.14 | Restoration

In 2012, Lilly Wagoner, Brent and Sabrina Wagoner's 9 month old daughter, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer. This is their story of discovery, trial and restoration.