Jan 06, 2019 | Greg Johnson

Freedom From Self-Addiction

James is very clear that false wisdom is rooted in self, what I think I deserve, and he says it’s unspiritual, and in fact, DEMONIC – he also says that where you find false wisdom, you find chaos and evil practice – TRANSLATION: when your life is all about you, focused on what you don’t have and what you think you deserve, the symptoms revealed are chaos and compromise in your life– however, James 3:17 says that the symptoms of true heavenly wisdom are peace, consideration of others, submission or humility, mercy, impartiality or inclusivity and sincerity or authenticity – TRANSLATION: You are others-centered, not self-centered.

1. You don’t know what’s best for you, but God does. Your self-addiction will drive you to pursuit of all the wrong things.

2. You’re either a friend of God or a friend of the world. You can’t have it both ways. you have to choose.

3. Submission to God releases the power of God to overcome the attacks of the enemy. First, submit, then resist. 

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