Dec 31, 2017 | Brian Jenkins, Chance Cearley, Greg Johnson

Past, Present and Future

PAST || Romans 8:38-39
We let our past define us, it can keep us from being who we are created to be. Jesus died for your past, you no longer own it. You own you present and your future, but the past is the Lord's.
  • What are you carrying that you need to release to Jesus?
  • What do you need to forgive yourself for today?
  • What event do you need Jesus to speak into today?
PRESENT || Isaiah 43:19
Commit each day to the Lord and be present with everyone you come into contact with. Don't miss opportunities the Lord places in your path to listen to and reach people. You could be the catalyst God uses to propel them into the Kingdom, or to walk in their calling. 
  • What does God want you to know about your present circumstances?
  • What does He want you to know about His presence in your circumstances?
FUTURE || Acts 10:9-20
Let us be focused on what God wants to do. Do not call those people or things unclean, that God calls clean. The enemy never stops talking and tempting, but when we are healed and whole, and walking with Jesus, we stop listening to enemy and we are focused on Jesus.
  • What is the word or phrase God has placed on your heart for 2018?
  • Who has the Lord placed in your path to live out this word or phrase with in 2018?
  • Who is your Cornelius?

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