Dec 02, 2018 | Greg Johnson

Peace by Piece Week 1: Problem

It is the bad news that makes Jesus good news – maybe your story is not quite  dramatic, but for ALL OF US, the most compelling part of your story is the contrast between who you were without Jesus, your lack of peace, and how Jesus restored it – for all of us, there was something causing guilt, fear, shame, anxiety, hopelessness, the thought that there must be something more, and we needed the “SHALOM” of God, Hebrew for PEACE, to come to us, to change our reality – in fact, it’s the one thing we all have in common – we were all born into broken world, in a broken state called SIN.

The WORLD is BROKEN. The world is not a good place, but a broken place in need of repair. Until we see the problem, we will never feel the sense of urgency to bring the cure.

The PAYMENT for SIN is blood sacrifice. Something has to die in place of sin. It will never go unpunished.

The mission of Jesus was a mission to the death. Jesus knew he was coming to die. He had to take care of the problem once and for all. He is the SAVIOR

His ultimate endgame was PEACE. He offers a life free from guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, depression. His blood covered it all. For you. Who do you know that needs to know this?

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