Restoration Church is a non-denominational church, planted in partnership with WoodsEdge Community Church serving Woodforest and the surrounding communities.

Our Mission

  • Live like Jesus.
  • Love like Jesus.
  • Expect extraordinary God-activity.

Our Vision

To see God's Kingdom come. Every person will:

  • Find HEALING, WHOLENESS and FREEDOM through a passionate relationship with Jesus.
  • Receive their IDENTITY in Jesus.
  • Live out the PURPOSE God has for them.
  • Bring the KINGDOM of GOD everywhere they go.


  • LOVE - Unconditionally without judgement.
  • PRAYER - Our communication with God. (He talks, we listen. We talk, he listens.)
  • TRUTH - Seeking it, speaking it and living it.
  • PASSION - Expressing an uncontainable love for Jesus with our lives.
  • HUMILITY - Not thinking less of ourselves, but thinking of ourselves less.
  • TRANSPARENCY - Unafraid to be who we really are.

Our Benediction

Because we have received the DNA of Jesus, and because we want to see His Kingdom come, we will be His hands and feet in a broken world. We will be love where there is no love. We will be peace where there is no peace. We will be hope where there is no hope. And we will expect extraordinary God activity at all times, knowing that wherever we go, the Kingdom goes with us. For His fame and glory. Amen.

What We Believe