At some point, we have all asked the question, “Is this it?” We feel like we have “peaked”, but long for something more. Jesus is the DOOR to the life you are longing for. He is the PASSAGEWAY into a bigger story, a story that not only matters, but one that literally CHANGES THE WORLD! We are on a journey to help people realize and be released into their full God-given potential, because those are the ones who CHANGE THE WORLD. We invite you to join us on this journey.

Our Mission

Empower people to be WORLD CHANGERS by releasing them into their full potential in the Kingdom of God. (Ephesians 2:10 calling)

Our Strategy

We believe Jesus wants to bring FREEDOM in FIVE core areas: 

  1. Identity – Everyday, the enemy is trying to rob you of your identity through guilt, shame and fear. However, when the Spirit reveals to you who you really are and what you are really called to do, you become an unstoppable force in the world.
  2. Healthy Relationships/Marriage – Our culture breeds unhealthy relationships. We have been given a false perception that relationships are only for our personal happiness, and are disposable if they no longer meet our needs. However, the ultimate test of a healthy relationship is not happiness, but holiness. And when you have a healthy marriage, it stands out in the world.
  3. Finances – Finances breed fear. If you are in financial bondage, you know the feeling of anxiety about the next bill or the mountain of debt. And when you are in slavery to your finances, you are unable to engage with the world in a generous way. But, when Jesus sets you financially free, he ignites in you a spirit of generosity that can change the world.
  4. Serving – We were born with a self-centered nature. And, in general, we tend to do things that benefit us in some way. A part of your journey with Jesus is moving away from a self-centered lifestyle and toward an others-centered lifestyle. And those that serve selflessly change the world.
  5. Community – The enemy wants to convince you that you don’t need anyone. So, he drives you into isolation, which makes you an easy target. You weren’t meant to do life alone. And when you discover the power of locking arms with like-minded people that are living in their full God-given potential, together you have the power to change the world..


  • LOVE - Unconditionally without judgment.
  • PRAYER - Our communication with God. (He talks, we listen. We talk, he listens.)
  • TRUTH - Seeking it, speaking it and living it.
  • PASSION - Expressing an uncontainable love for Jesus with our lives.
  • HUMILITY - Not thinking less of ourselves, but thinking of ourselves less.
  • TRANSPARENCY - Unafraid to be who we really are.
  • EXCELLENCE - Be and give our best at all times.

The Result (Our Benediction)

Because we have received the DNA of Jesus, and because we want to see His Kingdom come, we will be His hands and feet in a broken world. We will be love where there is no love. We will be peace where there is no peace. We will be hope where there is no hope. And we will expect extraordinary God activity at all times, knowing that wherever we go, the Kingdom goes with us. For His fame and glory. Amen.

What We Believe