A Culture of Serving

02.03.19 | Serving

Everyone is needed. Some seem more valuable because they get stage time or more press, but everyone is needed.

The Less are more in the Kingdom of God. While we tend to be title hungry in our culture, Paul tells us that the seemingly weaker, or less significant roles are treated with more honor – it means that those the practice “the ministry of the unnoticed” are actually exalted in God’s eyes – maybe you’re not using your gift because you don’t think it matters – it may seem insignificant in the world’s eyes, but it’s HUGE in the eyes of God.

We move as a unit.We are only as strong as the least connected person. We are lacking without you. Division hurts the body. We hurt together, we rejoice together, but we MUST MOVE TOGETHER – and THE PERSON IN YOUR SEAT is a part of this movement.