Christmas Devotionals & Worship Music

Christmas Devotionals & Worship Music
Saturday, December 01, 2018 - Tuesday, December 25, 2018

We are excited to share our Christmas series, Peace by Piece, as we explore different aspects of the Gospel. Week 1, we will focus on the PROBLEM - why did Jesus have to come? Week 2, we will shift our focus to the PROMISE - the promises of God. Week 3, we will look at the PURPOSE - for the world, for you, for peace - reconciliation to make things right. During Week 4, which is Christmas week, we will cover PLAN - when God became flesh.

Christmas devotionals will be posted daily and were written by various staff, elders and people within our church family for you to use daily, from December 1 through Christmas Day. 

Tanner and the worship team have also worked hard on arranging and recording songs for us to use in our personal times of worship.

We hope you enjoy the messaging, music and devotionals! Our hope is they enhance your time with God each day. To access the daily devotionals and music, click the links below. Each day a new devotional will be posted and new songs will be added weekly. 









Note: Here Comes Heaven was written by Elevation Worship and this version was arranged by Restoration Church Worship.
A special thanks to everyone who has contributed to both the devotionals and/or the worship music for this Christmas season. We appreciate your time and effort serving the Kingdom! You are loved and appreciated.

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