What to Expect

At Restoration Church, you will find an authentic group of people pursuing the way of Jesus. From the moment you walk up, you can expect …

A warm connection

We want to be more than just friendly - we want you to feel a personal connection. We are genuinely interested in you and your family. You matter to God, and to us. Expect to be noticed. Expect for people to reach out to you in love.

Hot coffee

Expect our café to be stocked with tasty foods and plenty of coffee to start your morning off right. Come early for this time of fellowship.


We love music, and we love to sing. LOUDLY. Expect to see people fully engaged in giving honor and praise to God through singing, clapping and raising of hands.


We believe God’s truth is timeless and applicable for everyone. We walk through the Bible, unearthing its value both for the original hearers and for us today. Expect to be challenged to examine your life based on the truth of the Bible.


We want our lives to be oriented around the way of Jesus. Expect to be challenged to live your faith in your neighborhood, workplace, school or through projects with one of our ministry partners.