Jan 14, 2018 | Greg Johnson

Glory and Eternity

There are two universal truths about both Jesus and US I want us to press into in the first 5 verses of this prayer:

1. Jesus ALWAYS points to and brings glory to the Father, and so should we.
2. Jesus is restoring Eden, recreating a pathway to eternal life.

Here are the two questions I want you to ask:

1. Have I received the eternal life Jesus offers? It is a universal offer to all who choose to say yes – exchange your broken life for a life restored by Jesus – Rev. 21:5 – “Behold, I am making ALL THINGS NEW”

2. How am I bringing God glory with my life? Maybe better question is, “Where am I bringing glory to myself instead of God?” 2018 is our year to press into activating every person into full giftedness in order to bring God glory – God never gets more glory than when we are living out his purpose in the world.

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