May 02, 2021 | Greg Johnson

Remaining in Jesus - John 15

1. Are you a dead branch or a branch in need of pruning? The TRUTH is in the FRUIT – maybe another way to ask – would people be surprised to find out you are a follower of Jesus by the way you live? What are the distinctive characteristics besides church attendance that would cause people to believe you follow Jesus? If you are dead branch, are you ready to connect to vine?

2. What areas need pruning in your life? As a follower of Jesus, what is inhibiting MORE FRUIT in your life? What needs to be subtracted to promote the production of fruit?

3. What does REMAINING in intimate connection with Jesus look like in your life? What are you doing to promote intimacy with Jesus? How much time daily are you setting aside to stay connected? Are you filling yourself with God’s Word daily?

4. Who is getting glory for your life? Jesus is calling us to a life where only God’s agenda matters. Where we are so connected, that our thoughts, hopes and dreams are completely in sync.


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