Jan 21, 2018 | Greg Johnson

The Battle and the Truth

  1. Jesus is the sum of all TRUTH. (John 14:6) - referred to as LOGOS, or truth in John 1 – LOGOS means “word” in Greek, but means more than just word – it is the thing that gives meaning to life – Jesus is saying here, “Purify them in me. Bring the fullness of me alive in them. This is picture of intimacy with Jesus. To know Jesus intimately is to know truth – the truth about him, the truth about you, the truth about your purpose, your role in the battle
  2. The Bible is TRUTH. (Ps. 119:105) To be purified or set apart by God’s word is to be immersed in it – Psalm 1:2 says “delight in it, meditate on it day and night” – To know the Bible is to know Jesus – they go hand in hand – we don’t read the Bible for knowledge sake, but to know the author – It is TRUTH because of the author.
  3. You have been called into the battle. It’s your purpose, what you were created for. You were restored to bring restoration. The call to follow Jesus is the call to die to self.
  4. The enemy wants to keep you from the battle. Self-protection is greatest tool of the enemy to keep you from the battle.
  5. Jesus wants to immerse and set you apart in his TRUTH. Jesus will show you truth about himself, you, and how the two fit together. Intimacy with him is the activator.

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