Feb 05, 2023 | Greg Johnson

The Pioneer of Our Salvation

1. Jesus charted a path to SALVATION on YOUR BEHALF. Jesus was the PIONEER of SALVATION because no one else could accomplish it – Acts 4:12 – Why? Because he was FULLY GOD and FULLY MAN – he was the BETTER SACRIFICE because it was for ALL PEOPLE for ALL TIME and became the BETTER PRIEST because he mediated between you and GOD – someone or something has to die for your sin – Jesus took it on!

2. Jesus invites you onto the path he PIONEERED for you. When you couldn’t fix yourself or forgive yourself, Jesus destroyed the work of the enemy to liberate you from the fear of death, and to make you holy through the forgiveness of sin. Just like Lewis and Clark showed the way to the Pacific, Jesus is showing the way to ETERNAL and ABUNDANT LIFE – He has done the heavy lifting, and invites you to RECEIVE. – John 1:12

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