At some point, we have asked the question, “Is this it?” We feel like we may have peaked but long for something more. Jesus is the DOOR to the life for which we are longing. He is the PASSAGEWAY into a bigger story that not only matters but changes the world. We are on a journey to help people realize and be released into their full God-given potential because those are the ones who change the world. We invite you to join us on this journey.


Helping every person encounter, embrace, and embody the Way of Jesus.


By embodying the Way of Jesus, every person is released into their full potential in the Kingdom of God.


There are two boats that carry roughly the same number of people: cruise ships and aircraft carriers. However, their objectives could not be more different. A cruise ship caters to the needs and desires of the people on the boat, while an aircraft carrier is training, equipping and launching people off the boat and into mission.

One of the greatest challenges of the modern church is attempting to program for people of all ages in an effort to capture their attention and devotion. And without a focused strategy, the church can unintentionally develop a cruise ship mentality, which primarily caters to the people inside the building. We employ an aircraft carrier strategy. Our goal is to envision every person to see the church simply as a place to be trained and equipped for their mission, which is ultimately to CHANGE THE WORLD. We try to plan and develop ministry through the lens of landing, learning and launching.


  • LOVE - Unconditionally without judgment

  • PRAYER - Our communication with God (He talks, we listen. We talk, he listens.)

  • TRUTH - Seeking it, speaking it and living it

  • PASSION - Expressing an uncontainable love for Jesus with our lives

  • HUMILITY - Not thinking less of ourselves, but thinking of ourselves less

  • TRANSPARENCY - Unafraid to be who we really are

  • EXCELLENCE - Be and give our best at all times

THE RESULT (Our Benediction)

Because we have received the DNA of Jesus, and because we want to see His Kingdom come, we will be His hands and feet in a broken world. We will be love where there is no love. We will be peace where there is no peace. We will be hope where there is no hope. And we will expect extraordinary God activity at all times, knowing that wherever we go, the Kingdom goes with us. For His fame and glory. Amen.